Building Cleaning

Are you in quest of a company which can take over all the cleaning needs your building requires? Well, you are at a right place. We provide our clients affordable and best services on building cleaning like high dusting, exterior and interior steam washing. We also take care of cleaning carpets; keeping them dust free, upholstery, cleaning floors of wax and strip, sanitize washrooms and much more.

We are known for providing trusted and quality building cleaning services and keep the filthiness and unhygienic practices at bay from the office buildings, hotels, and in other public places. We only offer our service to our clients through professionals that tops and are well acquainted with the new principles of cleaning and maintaining a hygienic atmosphere.

Total Cleaning Care

We offer cleaning services that are committed to a healthy & clean environment, with excellence and reliability. We offer spic and span services for both your in-house and outdoor needs. We cater to your cleaning needs with utmost care and with absolutely no interruptions to your daily schedule. We offer impeccable services to ensure that your environment is germ-free, aromatic and pleasant that creates a peaceful ambience for your family and business. We value the relationship and we engage our services with great precision and detail.

Our services include complete cleaning consisting of general cleaning, site clean-up, floor cleaning, refinishing, floor polishing, scrubbing, re-coating, window cleaning, pressure wash, carpet cleaning, and other janitorial services. Our general maintenance services are flexible and are planned at your convenience. Our services are quick. We provide total cleaning services to many sites such as industries, commercial complexes, office setups, homes, apartments, pre-construction sites, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, schools etc.

Carpet & Sofa Shampooing

We are dedicated to performing our carpet cleaning services with the use of safe and allergy free products. Our cleansing systems use non-toxic, chemical free substances that act hard on the dirt that accumulates over your carpets and sofas, but soft on you providing you the comfort and clean experience. Our staffs are trained well enough to carry the shampooing and cleaning services to flush the dirt and pollutants leaving your carpets clean and fresh. We also do not use discoloring agents so your carpet doesn’t lose its sheen and color.

We specialize in cleaning wall to wall carpets, stain removals, stairwell railings, hallways, and our shampooing services result in odor removal, retaining the fabric intact, and provide smooth velvet feel for you. We operate across locations and are available 24/7 to attend to your cleaning needs. We are customer focused, environment friendly and ensure to provide a clean and healthy environment. We are specialized in all types of carpet cleaning and use steam and foam cleaning methods to ensure your carpets become stain free.

Marble / Mosaic Floor Care

We are specialized in all types of floor cleaning including mosaic, tiles, marbles and granite flooring. We are specialists in coatings and sealers. We also perform grouting and acid washing services to remove the stains from your floor and making it shine with the glow. Our spic and span cleaning ensures you to trust us with any type of flooring. We handle every type of flooring in a committed way as they require a careful way of handling. We perform deep cleaning of restroom tiles, stone and marbles, polishing of marbles, and VCT & tile refinishing.

We ensure a clean and professional site image with our floor cleaning services that provides your guests and clients a great view of your environment. Our services prolong the life expectancy of your flooring and reduce the costs to perform repair and maintenance services for your flooring. This helps you to plan a capital outlay and we help in reducing the environmental impact by reducing the wear and tear of the flooring and performing maintenance of flooring at regular intervals.

Glue removal & Wax polishing

As cleaning & surface care specialists, we take utmost care in glue removal and polishing of your vinyl flooring or from any other surfaces. We remove the adhesive glues from your most valued surfaces in a layered manner. Be it your home or your car, decal removal and adhesive glue removal are difficult things and we are professionals in dealing with that. We use industry standard adhesive removal agents with micro fiber towels to rub the adhesive and then we use plastic scrappers to ensure the scar of the glue over the surface is cleansed.

We ensure your restroom floors are taken care properly by performing grouting and waxing services. Your glossy surfaces remove their gloss as the time passes by and a periodic waxing of them is required to ensure that they retain their gloss, and as polishing specialists, we understand the mechanics behind every type of flooring and surface and we work hard to keep your surface shine and clean.

Acid bath & toilet wash

Our motto is to make sure that your bathrooms are clean and germ free by performing acid wash of the surfaces and the tiles. We use tools and machinery that ensures your bathrooms are well cleansed with our non-corrosive acid and chemicals. We ensure that you are safe and remain in a healthy environment by using environment friendly, non-toxic and un-abrasive acid for cleaning the toilets and bathrooms.

Our staffs is specialized in ensuring that your upholstery and other finishing are retained intact while performing the acid cleaning services for your bathrooms. We perform multiple layers of deep cleaning and we make sure that the tile grouting is protected and does not get corroded with our acid washing. Our acid washing services remove the algae formation and clogging due to uneven surfaces to ensure there is a clean and proper flow of your drainage systems and wards off the odor emanating from your bathrooms.

Tank Cleaning

Intrepid is next to you when you are needed to have your tanks cleaned. We successfully clean without leaving any residuebehind. We are specialized in cleaning tanks of plethora of companies, municipalities, industries, factories and homes. We use different techniques in cleaning your tanks, thereby taking less time than required.

We are a team of pros and certified professionals who are capable of handling big projects of cleaning tanks without any hassle. Our spot free and advanced technique helpsus in cleaning tanks of every type. We perform our services with efficiency, responsiveness, determination and with utter compliance. Some of the benefits you receive from hiring us include the affordable cost, less risk, turnkey services and quality cleaning.

Specialized Villa Cleaning Services

We are dedicated to you in providing total cleaning services for your villas. We ensure that your villas are safe and clean by performing our cleaning services both indoors and outdoors. We also understand that your lawns remain safe and we ensure proper infestation and fumigation to keep your villas not just clean but free from pests and germs. Our multitude of services guarantees you the ambience that you ever wanted and we tailor our cleansing services as per your needs.

We are trained in property and infrastructure management services and we understand not every room requires the same type of cleaning. We ensure proven methods are used and safe chemicals are applied for a cleaner villa. We also perform drainage systems, water plumbing systems cleaning to make your life more comfortable and your stay pleasant at your most admired villas.

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